2016 Chuckle Bunnies Are Ready For School!

The children at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool – Burton on Trent are ready for school and are celebrating!

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It’s always a sad but exciting time when our older children leave Chuckle Bunnies to start at big school. The great part is we know that they are all very well equipped to make the most of the opportunities and challenges that are to come.

The Nursery Manager said, ”It’s been great celebrating the successes of the children. Many of them have been with us since they were babies. It has been marvellous to see them grow and develop. It’s also sad to know they are leaving, but it really feels a privilege to have been part of their lives and provide them with the best possible start!”

They were all so pleased and proud that they didn’t just want a group photo – they wanted individual ones as well! Well, how could we say no? We feel their characters really came through.

It’s a term that Ofsted and the EYFS have brought in. Some people love the term, some people hate it. But to be honest, if one just looks at it as “Being Ready for School” then it doesn’t sound so scary! Indeed we’ve always seen that as our aim in life. To help and support the children who attend the nursery to achieve what they are capable of and what they can. So, if this means they are ready to read then we will help them to do this. If they like running around, we will help them to do this to the best of their ability – but also to help them to learn that there is a time and a place for it.

We believe that if your child left us and couldn’t settle into school quickly and wasn’t confident in their new surroundings, we would have let them down. The certificate has on it the basics, but we felt that people would like to share in what the certificate showed. So we took some videos and because people can’t believe that we have children who can read before going to school, we’ve taken some short videos of them doing just that!

We hope you’ll enjoy the photos and videos. We are so proud of all of the children and wish them all the success for the future! They deserve it!!!!

15/04/2016 20th Birthday Party at Chuckle Bunnies Burton Upon Trent

The children at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool on Branston Road, Burton Upon Trent were celebrating a birthday. It wasn’t one of the children’s birthdays – but the nursery’s itself! 20 Years of age!

20 years and still going strong. Sandra Shephard the original owner of Chuckle Bunnies said, “We’ve seen many, many changes over the years we’ve been open. After 20 years we are now seeing children who attended the nursery when we first opened bringing their own children to us! This is absolutely amazing!

For the nursery to have been successful for such a long time is a testament to the consistently high levels of quality the name Chuckle Bunnies brings to mind.

The children and staff had a great time. The children loved making their own cakes and then enjoyed eating them at the party! The balloon games were also a great hit!”

Below are some of the photos which we took at the time. We hope you enjoy them.

13/04/2016 Mini-Beast Hunt

The children at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool on Branston Road, Burton Upon Trent all went in search of mini-beasts. Everyone was very excited and focused as they searched!

The children found many different things including a lovely flower. They decided they could search better if they had their own binoculars. They designed and made their own. Some of the binoculars even functioned as very good magnifying glasses! The children were fascinated by the ladybirds and so was one staff member who took this photo – yes it was taken by a member of staff not borrowed from google! A great time was had by one and all.

03/03/2016 A Truly Terrific Tea Party at Chuckle Bunnies Burton Upon Trent

Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery had a tremendous time celebrating word book day on 3rd March 2016. The children threw a ‘Tiger who came to Tea’ party with their very own decorations. It was a fantastic sight.

There were many activities to take part in during the day. With so many stories to choose from the children loved creating different character props and puppets. This was followed by a spot of baking! They carefully chose their ingredients and took turns to measure and mix the various amounts. Whilst their cakes were baking the children designed tiger masks to wear for later at whole nursery tea party.

As well as getting creative the children acted out some of their favourite stories. They certainly got fully engrossed in the garden bear hunt and were often heard throughout the day saying ‘shhh, don’t wake the bear!’. What a wonderful day!

Nikki Tierney said “As well as learning about the National celebration, the children really connected with the stories and got really stuck into all of the activities. I hope their excitement for literature continues far on into the future.

Below are some of the photos which we took at the time. We hope you enjoy them.

3/3/2016 Gingerbread Chuckle Bunny People

The children at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool – Burton on Trent really had fun creating their own Gingerbread Chuckle Bunny People! They had a great time pouring, mixing the ingredients and then decorating the Gingerbread people as they wished. You’ll also see that it also involved a lot of concentration!

19/02/2016 Fabulous Fitness Friday at Chuckle Bunnies Burton Upon Trent

At Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool in Burton we came dressed in sports wear for a Fabulous Fitness Friday. It was held on 19th February 2016. Children of all ages had an exciting day where they explored ways to keep themselves fit and healthy.

The children had a fantastic time creating crazy shapes with their bodies in a yoga session. This was followed by a very active game of skittles, seeing who’s bowling was the most accurate. The children were also fully engaged testing out their heart rate before and after exercise. The day was finished off by developing the accuracy of their throwing with a ring toss game.

As well as getting active, the children discussed healthy eating and why a healthy diet is vitally important. They made their very own fruit salad which included bananas, peaches and apples, together with some other fruits the children had never tasted before.

Below are some of the photos which we took at the time. We hope you enjoy them.

08/02/2016 Chinese New Year at Chuckle Bunnies Burton

At Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool in Burton we held our very own celebration of Chinese New Year. It was held on 8th February 2016. Both children and staff got really into the spirit by making a gorgeous Dragon (although 2016 is actually the year of the Monkey – The Fire Monkey.

Children (and staff) really had fun making their own Dragon which later they danced with round the nursery. It was a great sight! As well as making the dragon the children created a magnificent display for the nursery wall. They are all extremely proud of this.

As well as the dragon the children sampled some typical Chinese food – which went down extremely well as you can imagine. One of the Photographers from the Burton Mail came and took photos of all involved.